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Concrete Charcoal Riven Slabs Concrete Light Grey Riven Slabs
Concrete Riven Slabs 450x450mm
PRODUCT: Concrete Patio Slabs

PRODUCT SIZE: 450mm x 450mm x 38mm

PACK SIZE: 60 Slabs Per Pack 12m2

DESCRIPTION: Concrete riven finished patio slabs. These 450mm (18 inch) square slabs are a quick and easy way to produce a paved area. Available in charcoal, light grey and buff, these riven slabs can be purchased by the pack or individually.

COVERAGE: 12m2 per pack

COLOUR: Charcoal / Light Grey / Buff

SHAPE: Square

Charcoal Slate 40mm Green Slate 40mm Plum Slate 40mm
Black Basalt 20mm White Limestone 20mm Black Ice 20mm
Green Granite 20mm Flamingo Chippings 14-20mm Red Granite 20mm
Scottish Pebbles 20-30mm Polar White 20mm Scottish Cobbles 50-75mm
Ice Blue 20mm Cotswold Stone 20mm Polar Ice 20mm
Yorkshire Cream 20mm Heritage Quartz 14mm Staffordshire Pink 20mm
Golden Corn Flint 20mm Apricot Gravel 20mm Dapple Grey 20mm
Flamingo Pebbles 20-50mm Ice Blue Pebbles 40-60mm White Pebbles 20-40mm
Zebra Pebbles 20-40mm White Cobbles 40-90mm Black Basalt 10mm
Golden Corn Flint 10mm White Limestone 14mm Pea Gravel 10mm
Red Granite 14mm Polar White 8-11mm Staffordshire Pink 14mm
White Limestone 10mm Green Granite 14mm Pea Gravel 20mm
Golden Corn Flint 14mm Black Basalt 14mm White Limestone 14mm
Blue Slate 40mm Multi-Mix 8-11mm Pea Gravel 14mm
Green Slate 20mm Plum Slate 20mm Blue Slate 20mm
Plum Slate Paddlestones 50-100mm Charcoal Slate 20mm Dove Grey Pebbles 8-16mm
Ebony Pebbles 15-30mm Oyster Shingle 20mm Ocean Blue Pebbles 20mm
Tweed Pebbles 20-40mm Ebony Pebbles 30-60mm Tweed Cobbles 40-90mm
Ebony Cobbles 60-120mm Angel Whirlpool Boulders c.250mm Blue Slate Rockery c.250mm
Cambrian Boulders 150-300mm Cotswold Rockery c.250mm Duck Egg Boulders 100-200mm
Green Granite Rockery c.250mm Longstone Rockery c.250mm Plum Slate Rockery c.250mm
Rainbow Boulders c.250mm Red Laguna Boulders c.250mm Green Slate Rockery c.250mm
Scottish Boulders Silver Grey Boulders 200-250mm Tumbled Sandstone 200-300mm
White Boulders c.250mm Yorkstone Rockery c.250mm Derbyshire Spar Dashing 3-8mm
Polar White Dashing 3-8mm Slate Path Mulch 0-12mm Goldpath Self Binding Gravel 0-10mm
Brown Softwood Sleepers Premium Topsoil Green Softwood Sleepers
Landscaping Fabric Screened Topsoil Landscape Mulch

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